Led by a team of highly skilled and experienced artists, Third Eye Tattoo is a testament to the fusion of artistic vision and technical excellence. Our talented tattoo artists possess a diverse range of styles, ensuring that we can bring any design to life, from intricate blackwork to vibrant watercolor masterpieces. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of our clients’ desires, our artists transform their unique visions into breathtaking works of art.
Sebastian Baldovino

My name is Seba Lobo and I am from Argentina but at 22 years of age I went to live in Chile.

I lived my childhood between colored pencils, temperas and papers, my mother immediately knew what my talent was. She had many dreams about art, but I never imagined that she would be a tattoo artist who already has more than 12 years of experience and who has taken her art to different countries in South America and now here in Canada.

My designs have something Neo traditional but over the years my technique has been mixed with the traditional and Japanese style, which is my favorite style today. As a tattoo artist we never stop learning, each piece I design is an opportunity to study with the intention of continuing to evolve as an artist, that is why each project I design is a personal challenge where I give my best.

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With an extraordinary talent for intricate details, Beth creates stunning works of art on the canvas of your skin. Their expertise lies in the realm of small tattoos and fine line designs, where every stroke is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Beth possesses a unique ability to transform your ideas and inspirations into beautiful, delicate pieces.

Whether it’s a dainty floral arrangement or a minimalist symbol, their artistry captures the essence of your vision, resulting in tattoos that are both subtle and impactful.

Tattoo Artist Beth
Ny (Nhi)

Tattoo Artist and Piercer with 14+ Years of Experience!

Meet our skilled and versatile artist specializing in cover-ups, illustrations, colorwork, realism, fine line, and blackwork tattoos. With a passion for transforming skin into captivating art, she creates unique and stunning designs that leave a lasting impression.

In addition to her mastery of tattooing, she is also an expert piercer, offering a wide range of piercing options. With her delicate touch and unwavering commitment to safety, she can bring your piercing visions to life, from elegant ear adornments to daring dermal anchors.

Passionate, approachable, and dedicated to her craft, Ny invites you to explore the world of artistic brilliance and self-expression. Discover the transformative power of her artistry and let her create lasting impressions that resonate with your soul.
Book your appointment today and experience the artistry and expertise of the Ink Maven. Unleash your inner muse and discover the beauty of body art that resonates with your unique essence.

Tattoo Artist NY

Meet Neila, the brilliant tattoo artist who turns dreams into inked reality.

Specializing in realism, fine line art, color tattoos, and cute small designs, Neila’s talent knows no bounds. Their attention to detail brings lifelike portraits and nature-inspired wonders to life on your skin.

With finesse in fine line work, Neila creates intricate patterns and delicate designs, showcasing their skill and grace. Their expertise extends to vibrant color compositions, where each hue harmoniously blends to form captivating tattoos.

Follow Neila on social media to witness their extraordinary portfolio and stay up-to-date with their latest creations.

Unleash your imagination and let Neila’s artistic brilliance adorn your skin. Book your appointment today for a truly unique and unforgettable tattoo experience. ✨🖤

Tattoo Artist Neila