Here is a list of our available artists.

Feel free to click through to Instagram and view their respective photo albums. Directly message them through Instagram for appointments or inquiries.

Ana Arreola

I come from a creative family – since I was young, I appreciated art and beauty. I started doing Cosmetic Make up , Brows, lips and freckles. I love working with clients and enhancing their natural beauty. I decided to get into tattooing from there because I work with such an amazing team and was inspired by their artwork. When I was younger all, I did was draw! I would love drawing portraits, and animals from the National Geographic magazines. My artwork was always featured in school hallways, so having that background made me want to jump into the tattoo world! Although I am fairly new, I am excited to keep learning and growing as an artist.

I would like to work on :

  • Patch work Sleeves
  • Fine line
  • Small Tattoos Realism style
Book with me! If you want to get a small tattoo I’m your girl!
Vancouver Tattoo Artists
Sebastian Baldovino

My name is Seba Lobo and I am from Argentina but at 22 years of age I went to live in Chile.

I lived my childhood between colored pencils, temperas and papers, my mother immediately knew what my talent was. She had many dreams about art, but I never imagined that she would be a tattoo artist who already has more than 12 years of experience and who has taken her art to different countries in South America and now here in Canada.

My designs have something Neo traditional but over the years my technique has been mixed with the traditional and Japanese style, which is my favorite style today. As a tattoo artist we never stop learning, each piece I design is an opportunity to study with the intention of continuing to evolve as an artist, that is why each project I design is a personal challenge where I give my best.

Open books! Contact Seba Lobo directly for reservations 

Lidi Rodriguez

I started in this in 2016 after finishing my Graphic Design degree in Chile.

I have been drawing and painting since my whole life. My beginnings in art were motivated by my mother.

I got my first tattoo machine in 2016 got motivated and started practicing I kept tattooing every friend I had in front of me until today 6 years later it’s already part of my day to day and it’s what will I do until the day that I am not on this planet.

In my parallel life, my hobbies are watching series, drawing, going out to eat and walking on the beach, taking photos,
I love horror movies, I also like to travel and nature.

I love tattooing realism, black and gray but Colour is where my heart is! I would love to do any of your nature pieces , portraits , horror and sculptures.

Estafania Murillo

Hello! My name is Estefania Murillo an I’m tattoo artist since 3 years ago. I’m a Mexican girl, that left her country to follow her dreams. I have always loved art, since I was a child I wanted release my creativity on my drawings.

Tattooing for me has made me know myself and explore a unknown world, for me the tattoo is create pieces with a soul, memories, with background and creative a lifestyle.

I’m happy to share with you my designs and that you allow me to create something special, cool and original that you can wear for your whole life.