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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting A Cosmetic Tattoo

At our Cosmetic Tattoo Shop in Vancouver, we aim to provide expert permanent makeup services. We use state-of-the-art technology and keep up with the latest trends in the field. With our extensive knowledge and tattooing techniques, we offer the best cosmetic tattoos in Vancouver. Our services include:

  • Lash Line Enhancement
  • Powder Brows
  • Ombre Brows
  • Micro Shading Brows
  • Lip Blush

Getting permanent makeup can often be daunting, so we want to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with your choice before going into the appointment. Before a procedure, we always have a consultation, so our clients are prepared for what will happen. It is difficult to find tattoo artist who does free consultations in Vancouver. However, we are among the hand full of tattoo shops who does that.

When thinking about getting a cosmetic tattoo, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Please be aware that this treatment has some limitations and has pre-and post-care requirements.

Micropigmentation is a technique that can help you feel more confident by enhancing your facial features. In this article, we have answered some common questions about micro pigmentation, which might help you understand this procedure and make informed decisions.

Will I Be Able To Wear Makeup Before The Procedure?

Yes, you are welcome to wear makeup before the session. In fact, this will help us understand what kind of look you prefer to go for and will make the process smoother. We clean and sterilize the face before the procedure.

Will I Be Able To Wear Makeup After The Appointment?

It is okay to use cosmetics after the appointment, but you need to avoid the area that has been treated, because your skin will need time to breathe and recover from the procedure. In addition, there is a chance that tainted cosmetics could cause an infection. You can start wearing makeup again about 10 to 14 days after the procedure, but this depends on how fast your skin heals so it can vary from person to person.

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Can I Resume My Job Soon After Getting Permanent Makeup?

Going to work after the appointment is fine, but ensure you keep the treated area clean and dry. Never touch a new tattoo with unclean hands, as this can cause infections. Stay away from any environment where dirt or pathogens could come into contact with the treated area until the pigmented areas heal.

Can I Go Swimming After My Procedure?

Don’t go swimming in saltwater or chlorinated water; avoid the sun until the wound is fully healed. This is because it could result in colour fading or pigment fading and increase the chance of infection.

Is It Safe To Sunbathe Before And After The Permanent Makeup Procedure?

Sun exposure should be avoided before semi-permanent makeup because it causes the skin to become overly dry and alter its colour. After you lose your suntan, selecting the correct colour that would flatter you becomes more difficult. This is why you should avoid the sun two weeks before and after treatment. You also need to keep the pigmented area well-protected until it fully heals. Otherwise, there will be a risk of hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

Is Post-Procedure Aftercare Difficult?

Permanent makeup aftercare is not a complicated process. You just need to make sure that you thoroughly follow the guide for getting a tattoo given by Permanent Makeup Artist. Most importantly, keep it in mind that you have to avoid touching pigmented regions, and always remember to use an aftercare cream twice a day on clean, dry skin.

Is Drinking Alcohol Allowed Before The Procedure?

Taking any alcohol 2 to 3 days before permanent makeup is not advisable. It is best to abstain from alcohol entirely for your protection and quick recovery.

If I’m Under 18 And Have My Parents’ Permission, Is It Possible For Me To Get Permanent Makeup?

Even if a child has their parent’s permission, it is against the law to carry out any permanent makeup procedures on them.

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What Permanent Makeup Types Are Popular Now?

Most of our customers adore the way that ombre or powder brows look, and they heal quickly and easily as well. Due to its suitability for all skin types, this service is the most frequently requested by our clients.

Lip blush is another very fashionable and pretty cosmetic procedure that is growing in popularity, especially during the colder months when we must wear masks and lipstick cannot be worn without smudging. This method suits people of all ages and is a favourite among our customers.

Can I Undergo This Treatment While Expecting?

Pregnant women are not permitted to undergo permanent makeup procedures. Even when cosmetic tattooing is performed with the utmost cleanliness, there is always a possibility of infection. It usually happens as a result of poor aftercare. For instance, if contaminated cosmetics or dirty hands are used to touch the pigmented region while it is healing, it can cause serious problems.

In addition, pigment rejection can be brought on by hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy. Some women go through face tissue changes when pregnant as well and numbing cream is absorbed by the skin and enters the bloodstream. Therefore, it is advisable to put off the procedure after giving birth.

If I Am Nursing, Can I Still Have Permanent Makeup?

If you are breastfeeding, you should wait at least 8 to 12 weeks after giving birth. In addition, if you previously had a cold sore, having only lip surgery is not advised because you would need to take antiviral medicine both before and after the procedure. Please see a doctor if you want to be sure you can get this treatment. We apply a lidocaine-containing numbing cream.

Getting A Cosmetic Tattoo In Vancouver

We provide excellent cosmetic tattoos in Vancouver, as well as other procedures. We are famous in Vancouver for our safe and meticulous service in this field, and if you are considering permanent makeup surgery, we are your best option. Call us to book a consultation!