Different Tattoo Styles That You Should Know?

Different Tattoo Styles

How Many Types of Tattoos Are There?

There are likely thousands of different tattoo styles available today, with skilled artists constantly creating their own unique designs. However, many of these designs are adaptations of historically popular tattoo styles, some of which have been around for decades or even centuries.

Before diving into tattoo design, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the twelve classic styles of tattoo art. 

While you may need to learn the exact terminology for your desired tattoo style, chances are you already have one of these in mind. Deciding on the perfect look for your tattoo can be challenging, but the different tattoo styles outlined below will assist you in narrowing down your options.

Presented below are timeless and widely popular different tattoo styles that continue to captivate enthusiasts:

Classic Americana Tattoo Style

When you think of tattoos, the first kind that often comes to mind is the classic old-school style. Bold outlines and the use of similar colors and imagery characterize this style. 

It is closely associated with the ocean, nautical themes, pinup female figures, fierce predatory animals, and combinations of hearts, roses, and daggers. The popularity of this tattoo style can be attributed to Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, who popularized it in the 1930s. It remains a popular choice among hundreds of different tattoo styles.

New School Tattoo Style

New School tattoos resemble a vivid comic book etched onto your body. They are bringing to life fantastical imagined realms teeming with captivating chaos and often featuring whimsical, caricatured animals in a palette of vibrant colors.

Japanese Tattoo Style

Japanese Tattoo Style

We explored the rich history of tattoo artistry across the globe, spanning centuries. The Japanese tattoo style holds a prominent place among the different tattoo styles that have stood the test of time. Tattoo artists in Vancouver continue to create traditional and innovative interpretations of these timeless masterpieces.

Renowned for their grandeur, Irezumi tattoos often adorn the back, arms, and legs with captivating imagery inspired by animals, flowers, and samurai.

Black And Grey Tattoo Style

Black and gray imagery, known for its versatility, portrays many subjects with lifelike precision using varying shades of gray. Achieved initially by diluting black ink to create a spectrum of tones, this technique allows for limitless artistic expression. This is another one of the different tattoo styles popular among tattoo lovers.

Portraiture Tattoo

By eschewing the traditional use of black outlines found in classic styles, Vancouver tattoo artists can skillfully capture the essence of individuals with astonishing precision, whether in vivid color or nuanced shades of black and gray

Stick And Poke Tattoo

The tattoo artist showcases the artistic potential of the stick-n-poke technique, employing a single needle to craft elegant and uncomplicated designs. Although this method has gained popularity among DIY tattoo enthusiasts, it can reach extraordinary levels of beauty in the hands of skilled professional tattoo artists. The distinctive hallmark of this artistry lies in its thick and bold lines, predominantly in classic black, accentuated by delicate decorative motifs

Realism Tattoo Style

Realism Tattoo Style

Realistic tattoos can depict various subjects, from breathtaking landscapes to intricate portraits of animals or people. Whether rendered in vibrant colors or elegant black and white, this timeless tattoo style is perfect for capturing a specific vision.

Achieving a truly realistic tattoo requires the expertise of a skilled tattoo artist or designer who can bring the artwork to life with stunning visual impact. Realism tattoos have been another famous type among many different tattoo styles.

Blackwork Tattoo Style

Blackwork is a captivating tattoo style that draws inspiration from tribal tattoos. It features thick, bold black lines arranged in intricate geometric shapes. However, our female tattoo artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of this genre by infusing patterns and imagery from diverse sources, resulting in mesmerizing designs that gracefully flow around the body’s contours.

Biomechanical Style Tattoo

Biomechanical tattoos, known for their freehand style, seamlessly blend with the body’s contours, creating an illusion of hidden machinery beneath the skin—one of the different tattoo styles available to add to your tattoo collection.

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are currently in high demand among the different tattoo styles and have the potential to be truly timeless when executed skillfully. These tattoos can consist solely of geometric elements or incorporate a blend of geometric and organic components, such as floral or nature-inspired motifs. The striking contrast between the precise, sharp lines characteristic of this popular tattoo style and the body’s natural curves helps them make a bold and captivating statement.

Realistic Trash Polka Style

This unique tattoo style is easily identifiable due to its collage-like structure, intricacy, and incorporation of various printed materials. From photographs to handwritten elements, paint splashes to typewritten text, Realistic Trash Polka encompasses diverse visual elements, resulting in a truly captivating art form.

Surrealism Tattoos

Surrealism, as an art genre, offers a wealth of inspiration for artists. With the ability to experiment with various artistic tattoo styles and subjects, the ultimate goal remains: to evoke a sense of sublime fantasy in the viewer. By capturing this ethereal essence, tattoo artists fulfill their purpose and create a truly mesmerizing experience.

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Here it is, a comprehensive overview of the top different tattoo styles. Remember, however, that there are no hard and fast rules when selecting the perfect tattoo style for yourself. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and design a unique tattoo that draws inspiration from the different tattoo styles.

Which tattoo styles do you prefer?

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