Welcome to Third Eye Tattoo, the premier tattoo and piercing studio located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. Third Eye tattoo is your go-to tattoo shop that seamlessly blends creativity and self-expression. Established in 2017, our studio has become a haven for art enthusiasts and individuals seeking to etch their stories onto their skin. With a passion for craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to safety and professionalism, Third Eye Tattoo stands at the forefront of the body art industry.

At Third Eye Tattoo, we believe that body modification extends beyond tattoos alone. Our professional piercers are dedicated to providing exceptional piercings while adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Whether you desire a simple ear piercing or something more daring and adventurous, our piercers are skilled in a wide array of body modifications, including dermal anchors, nose rings, belly button piercings, and much more.

Third Eye Tattoo is not just any tattoo parlour; it is a hub of artistic expression and creativity. We embrace the diverse stories and experiences of our clients, valuing the opportunity to help them create lasting symbols of meaning and beauty on their bodies. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, ensures that every client leaves Third Eye Tattoo with a unique and exceptional piece of art that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Discover the limitless possibilities of body art at Third Eye Tattoo. Schedule a consultation with one of our talented artists or piercers today and let us guide you on a transformative journey that embodies your essence and individuality. Experience the perfect blend of skill, passion, and creativity at Ink & Steel — where art is etched, and souls are awakened.

Why Third Eye Tattoo Parlor Vancouver?

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Third Eye Tattoo Parlour opened with the intention of being a Vancouver tattoo shop that only provides top-quality, custom tattoos.

We wanted to create an experience for our clients that was unlike any other tattoo shop they had been to before.

Our team is made up of talented Vancouver tattoo artists from all over the world who can tattoo in any style you want.

Whether you know exactly what you want or need some help figuring it out, we will work with you to make sure your vision comes to life on your skin!

Show us your vision!

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